Google Maps adds weather conditions features

Posted by David Khoirul

Google Maps download weather features newIn my N70, I have Google Maps application installed. Like my other Java-based applications, my Google Maps is featured a handler menu which lets me configure the server address, host, and proxy. The handler menu helps me view the map for free, without worrying about the cost of data exchange.

But that free internet trick won't attract you until you know this: Google has updated Google Maps with a weather layer that provides users with five day forecasts and current weather conditions for locales all around the globe.

From the upper right corner of Google, you can enable this feature and you will see weather temperatures and conditions, as denoted by cloud and rain icons, when zoomed out. If you want to get a more detailed report for a specific area, you can zoom in or click on a weather icon. The U.S. Naval Research Lab is powering the feature that shows cloud coverage on the map, while Google Maps’ weather reports are sourced from

That should help you better plan trips or check in on the weather conditions where your friends and family are located. The addition of weather to its Maps product is seen by Google as a handy tool. One week after a partnership between The Weather Channel and Twitter, this timing of the release comes. Hopefully it will also available in its mobile application.

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