Facebook and Google Plus' war

Posted by David Khoirul

War between Facebook and Google Plus videoThe birth of Google Plus, Google's social network, triggers a new war with Facebook.

On Tuesday, Google spokesperson Randall Safara posted a video on Google+, showing how Facebook was preventing Google + invites from spreading. According to Safara's video, the post on Facebook with an invite did not appear in his friends'’ News Feeds — while other posts worked fine.

Google Senior Vice President of Social Vic Gundotra then reposted the video . "“We are getting reports of Google+ invite links not showing up on Facebook news feeds anymore,"” he said. "“I wonder how widespread this problem is."”

But replicating the results of the video haven’t been easy. Most Google+ users say they can share Google+ invites on their Facebook pages just fine. Our own testing shows that Google+ invites are not being blocked by Facebook.

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