Blogging's Friday edition

Posted by David Khoirul

Blogging bulletin BlimbingBlogging, the first bulletin covering local issues and technology, was out yesterday in a Friday prayer or shalat Jum'at in masjid Nurul Huda, Blimbing. The Friday edition appeared in color. At 11 p.m. on Thursday, my friend Jhony Ahmad, who is the co-founder of Blogging, printed the bulletin in our office, and it took two hours before he made for at least 30 copies. Unlike the other publications in Blimbing, Blogging was printed in a half size of folio, making it a mini bulletin.

Since we made only 30 copies, not all the jama'ah of Friday prayer have the bulletins with them. Some kids, especially those who came early to the mosque, took many copies -- each kid gets two, which means, if 15 kids ran to the papers, the bulletin was gone. But thank God, I could still see some adults reading them.

The bulletin's target audience is actually young people and internet enthusiasts in the sub-villages like Gowah, Grenjeng, Gaden, Semangu and Kebon. I want to see more Blimbing students start blogging.

In Blimbing, a fishing village located in the subdistrict of Paciran in East Java, you can find many organizations and institutions and schools, but it's hard to get even one online community here. Blogging comes with the idea of establishing an online community. We publish our bulletin, hold some activites, and spread the word in the internet.


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