Blocked SIM card back to life

Posted by David Khoirul

Where does your blocked SIM card go? To a recycle bin? If you are wondering where, I have an interesting story that reveals how my lost blocked SIM card -- which has been inactive since December 2010 -- goes back to life.

Every after two months, Indonesian cellular SIM cards, such as im3 and XL, will have to be renewed if you don't want to end up being blocked. In 2007 I bought 0856554001XX of Indosat's im3, a SIM card produced by the Jakarta-based cellular company. And since I rarely topped it up, it was temporarily inactive and would be blocked in 30 days. In December last year, the card was lost and, I guess, also blocked.

But two days ago my sister Diana told me she just made a missed-call to that old IM3 card, saying she could hear the call-waiting tone, so I asked her to check whether she dialed the correct number. Diana even wrote a text message to the number, and received a reply.

Wondering how it could happen, I met my friend Jhony Ahmad after finishing my tarawih prayer in Nurul Huda mosque last night, and asked him to call the number while we had coffe in the terrace of his house in the village of Gowah, Blimbing. From the five-minute call using Jhony's Nokia, I learned that the man behind that old number of mine is a guy from Sidoarjo in East Java named Herwin.

I asked Herwin how he got the number. I didn't know who this guy is, but he said to me he bought the card in a Sidoarjo cellular store in pair with his girlfriend's number whose digits are similar.

"Sometimes, I also receive calls or SMSs' from people asking about David," Herwin said.

So do you think my blocked number is recycled?


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