For faster browsing, download Opera Mini 6.1

Posted by David Khoirul

Download Opera Mini 6.1 Java handlerOpera Mini 6.1, the newest version of mobile browser by Opera Software, is now available for download, and works on the majority of mobile platforms such as Java, Symbian and Android. New features have been added.

With AutoComplete and Google Voice search support, users will get more suggestions from Google and Yandex, two giant search engines. This version also has better CSS. To improve your browsing experience, the latest version brings a turbo feature and better text selection.

Sir Handler, a Java programmer who has modified many of Opera Mini browsers, just uploaded Opera Mini 6.1 along with a handler menu that lets you trick your cellular operator. I just downloaded it this morning. It works pretty fast and looks much better, comparing to Opera Mini 6 or 5.

Click here to download Opera Mini 6.1 handler


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