Mig33 4.62 helps you trick you operator using handler menu

Posted by David Khoirul

davidkhoirul.blogspot.com mig33 4.62 handler download jar javaIt brings me to my college years back in 2006 when almost all of my classmates at Ronggolawe University started to get addicted to mobile social networking service mig33. Everyone installed at least one application in his/her phone. Every night before sleeping and morning after Subuh, my friend Ahmad Habibi would open his contact list to say hello or just to see how many people were online.

Established in 2005, mig33 gains huge popularity in Indonesia with more than 27 million registered users of 42 million total users in 200 countries. What keeps users, or Migers, addicted to the service is the race to increase the level. The more time you spend on mig33, the higher level you get.

I had my first mig33 in December 2006. Ahmad Muamar, a good friend of mine at Unirow, helped me install mig33 v3, an earlier version that runs only in Java operational system.

Now the latest version, mig33 4.62, has been launched. It connects to Yahoo Messenger, Google Talk, MSN, and Facebook.

The good news is that someone out there has modified mig33 4.62 to enable users to enjoy free internet by tricking the GPRS of the operator. With some dirty tricks, you can exploit free services such as 0.facebook.com to inject a server, host or query address in the handler menu.

Download mig33 4.62 Handler


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