How obedient is too obedient?

Posted by David Khoirul

Obedient Wives Club IndonesiaGina Puspita, a French-educated mother of three, is one of those Indonesians who urge all Muslim wives to be obedient. Acquiring 300 members, her "Obedient Wives Club" has spread in some parts of Indonesia. While I don't always agree with this, Gina believes that the key of successful marriage is good sex.

Associated Press, via The Jakarta Globe, has the report:

“Wives must obey the husbands in all aspect of life, such as serving food and drinks, giving calm and support for the husband, as well asin sex relations,” saidPusipita, who shares her spouse with three otherwomen.

A Muslim group which espouses good sex as a foundation for healthy marriages and a strong society, the Obedient Wives Club isgaining converts in the world’s mostpopulous Muslim country after setting up in Jordan, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore.

Founded by Global Ikhwan, a Malaysian firm involved in businesses ranging from laundromats to pharmacies, the club was initially intended to help the company’s female staff to be good wives as well as productive employees.

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