Facebook and Twitter users can now comment on WordPress.com blogs

Posted by David Khoirul

davidkhoirul.blogspot.com Facebook and Twitter comments on WordPress.comReaders and visitors of WordPress.com blogs can now post comments using their Facebook account and Twitter, a good news for my fellow blogger Arul Chandrana who's been blogging on the service since 2008. Although I also blog on WordPress.com every now and then, my main blog is actually here on Google Blogger. I like the Javascript support and HTML template editing on Blogger, two features that you will not find on WordPress unless you use the self-hosted version, or move to premium.

Facebook and Twitter login support, I believe, will open up a lot more commenting opportunities for WordPress.com blogs -- this is a big move for the hosted blogging platform.

Scott Barkun of WordPress.com, in an announcement on a blog entry, points out that users can stay logged in to multiple services at the same time. Comments from Twitter and Facebook are not pumped back into those social services, though.

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