Google's activity increased after Osama's death

Posted by David Khoirul

Google Osama bin Laden Usamah Ladin Usammah dan OsammahAs soon as the news of Osama's death broke on Twitter, search engines' activities increased up to 1 million percent for the keyword Bin Laden alone, in just one hour period. It's not a surprise for me. For a very long time, Bin Laden had been the world's most wanted terrorist before he was killed by U.S. forces during a raid on the Abbottabad, Pakistan compound on Sunday evening, or Monday morning here in Indonesia.

According to Mashable:

Google is the latest to release data of its increased activity around news Osama bin Laden’s death. Yahoo revealed Monday that searches for “Osama Bin Laden” spiked 98,550% Sunday evening when compared to Saturday. Akamai also noted a 24% increase in global web traffic, registering 4. 1 million page views to top news sites at 11:30 p.m. ET Sunday.

In the meantime, Obama/Osama gaffes sparked the media, including television and online news portals. This error also hits Yahoo! homepage. And not just Yahoo, even I myself made the mistake when texting my friend Ahmad Jhony about Osama's death.


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