Outbreak: caterpillars may reach your place

Posted by David Khoirul

caterpillar outbreak in IndonesiaA caterpillar outbreak that has reached plague proportions in some parts of Indonesia, according to House of Representatives (DPR), is a warning from God. The caterpillar infestations have spread in some areas in Bali, Java, Jakarta and Sumatra.

On Wednesday, Marzukie Alie of the ruling Democratic Party said that it was a message from God for Indonesians to look inwards and evaluate themselves. “Yes, it was God’s warning, ” Marzuki said at the DPR. “It is God’s warning that we should introspect and make changes. Every incident has a meaning behind it.”

Marzuki said it was “not good” for us to keep on debating and fighting over issues.

According to experts and Ministry of Health, the unpredictable weather has influenced caterpillars to breed more, in a larger amount which can reach up to million per day. Now that this plague is becoming more serious, there seems to be possibilities that it will arrive in your place, including here in my village Blimbing.


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