One killed and 29 injured in Indonesian suicide bombing

Posted by David Khoirul

bom masjid polisi cirebon, indonesiaOne police officer was killed and 29 others were injured after a bomb exploded during Friday prayer in a mosque at the police station in Cirebon, West Java. Personally, I condemn such a behavior. While this group usually targets hotels, churches and tourist attractions. I have no idea why this time they picked a mosque, a place where they worship their God.

Six of the wounded were in serious conditions, including the Cirebon district police chief.

Standing in the second line of prayers in the mosque, the alleged bomber blew himself up with a bomb that was packed with nails and other metal objects.

National Police chief Timor Pradopo said security at other police stations and crowded areas in the province would be strengthened so as to prevent similar attacks.

Islam, I believe, doesn't teach to kill, and Muslims should condemn all terrorist attacks carried out by anyone, no matter whether they are Muslims or not.


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