Jakarta court sentences Islamic extremist for plotting attack of Danish Embassy

Posted by David Khoirul

Islamic extremist IndonesiaChief judge Mirdin Alamsyah of the Jakarta district court said that the court had sentenced Heri Sigo Samboja, a 28-year-old Islamic extremist, to eight years in jail -- lighter than 12 years sought by the prosecutors.

Samboja, better known as Sogir, possessing firefarms and explosives, is one of more than 100 people detained in February after the discovery of a militant training camp in Aceh province, Sumatra.

Although Alamsyah did not mention the charge and gave no reason for the omission, he explained that Sogir was found guilty of an evil conspiracy; he was plotting to attack Danish Embassy in Jakarta, in response to the Prophet caricature which had been published by Danish newspaper back in 2005.


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