Doddy Estiara, mobile photographer

Posted by David Khoirul

Doddy EstiaraIn 2009, as I googled for fitness information in the internet, I found Doddy's article about biceps training on his blog Jepretan HaPe, and decided to add him as a friend on Facebook after I saw his badge in the sidebar. Doddy Estiara, a bodybuilder and avid fan of cartoon, currently lives in Jakarta but occasionally stays at his parents' house in Jonggol in West Java and Ponorogo in East Java.

Estiara has more than three blogs. I'm not sure whether those blogs are updated using a mobile phone. But one thing is certain: he takes pictures with his Sony Ericsson K800. While Doddy speaks Bahasa Indonesia, which is his native language, most of his blogs are written in English, something that is very similar to what I've done so far -- in fact, we both share the same interests: mobile photography and bodybuilding.

As a junior, I ask Doddy a lot of questions on bodybuilding and mobile photography, from how to improve muscle tissues to how to enhance power, from how to take macro photos to how to add focus.

I'm writing this post in response to Estiara's comments on my dragonfly photo. Estiara asked for a link exchange, but since I don't do this kind of program, I make a review about him and his blogs, and put his link here in this article. This is very similar to, if not the same as, link exchange.

To read Estiara's writings and to see a collection of his insect and flower photos, go to his Life in the Backyard, a photo blog that stores most of his shots from Sony Ericsson.

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