Education Ministry makes mistakes in English prep test

Posted by David Khoirul

Education Ministry Indonesia menteri pendidikanIt is very embarrassing that the Ministry of Education, which is supposed to be in charge of the official answer keys of final tests, makes a lot of mistakes. But let's thank Maria Yuniar, an English teacher for the SMK Saint John vocational school in Kemayoran, Central Jakarta, who spotted at least 15 mistakes on the English answer key, which had been prepared by the Ministry of Education's Jakarta office.

If her students were graded according to ministry's answer key, 15 of them would have failed in this pre-examination school test, which is part of the national exams and is held to prepare students for the finals.

Although Maria did not go into the details, one local media report cited the following question:

I expect you could do with a cup of tea, couldn ’ t you? Do you take milk and sugar ?

The choices for this question were:

A. Only if you ’ re having one.

B. Please do. You ’ ve hardly eaten anything.

C. No, thank you. I ’ ve had too much already.

D. No, really thank you.

While the key answer said C, Maria's choice was A.

English teachers, what's your choice?

via The Jakarta Globe


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