Opera Software launches new Opera Mini 6 and 4.3

Posted by David Khoirul

If you're a mobile blogger like me, you can now upgrade your Opera Mini browsers to a much dynamic version with better rendering. On March 22, Opera Software launched its two latest versions: Opera Mini 6 and Opera Mini 4.3.

Opera Mini 6, which is a direct successor to the Opera Mini 5, is now available for Java-based feature phones, Blackberry, Android, Symbian smartphones, Android tablets, and even Windows7 desktops, plus MeeGo and Maemo hardware.

Additionally, being an Opera Mini fan myself, I love the new Opera Mini 4.3, a new version that features better appearance comparing to its predecessor Opera Mini 4.2. This Opera Mini 4.3, however, can't download files. Go to m.opera.com to downlod these two latest versions.


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