Opera Mini 4.3 has a better look

Posted by David Khoirul

Today I downloaded and installed Opera Mini 4.3, a new version released by Opera Software on March 22, and I notice one thing: It has better rendering than its previous version, Opera Mini 4.2.

With three-color skin customization, Opera Mini 4.3 allows you to set to default, pink, and white background; and enables you to change the size of the text, from small, medium, large, to extra large. This is something I like the most. Unlike Opera Mini 5 or 6, the small text looks smoother and clearer.

I do hope that Java programmers out there will modify this version to LABS, by adding a handler menu, multiple tabs, download manager -- and making it anti-joystick, so I can navigate the application using my keypads. Let's just wait.


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