Got problems with new Facebook mobile? Download Opera Mini for Facebook

Posted by David Khoirul

Facebook mobile Opera Mini design layout download jar java applicationFacebook mobile at has gone through a couple of changes in March. These changes, mostly in its layout and interface, affect mobile users, including those who access the site from Opera Mini, a mobile internet browser made by Opera Software. I myself am affected.

Here's how these changes influence my browsing experience: Facebook links -- profile, inbox, home, comments, etc -- don't work properly. When I click a comment link on a friend status, for example, it brings me to my profile page, or it will just constantly display its home page. Very annoying!

To solve the improper links problem, I use Facebook zero URL, a free service that works with my TRI operator but won't show images though, and it's boring for sure. As I was googling for the solution, I stumbled upon a J2ME application called Opera Facebook on Indonesian wapmaster Maselqyu's site. I downloaded it and gave it a try. Those links on Facebook mobile, which usually bring me to wrong pages, now work properly. I can comment, update, and write inbox messages without using Facebook zero.

Opera Facebook has been modified to enable you to inject free internet tricks, something that programmers call handler menu. The handler menu appears as you run the application for the first time. With this handler menu, you can enter front query, back query, and host. Indonesian users with TRI operator like me would fill in the host box.

Download Opera Facebook to your phone.

Have fun!


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