5,000 tickets for Justin Bieber's concert on sale Sunday

Posted by David Khoirul
Justin Bieber concert in Indonesia and ticketsTrue Beliebers, don't worry about a lack of tickets for Justin Bieber's Indonesian concert. Starting Sunday, March 13, about 5,000 of them will go on sale and can be purchased in several locations, including online at RajaKarcis.com

My Indonesian friend Ervina, who's now in Hong Kong, would absolutely have hunted for the tickets had she been here in Indonesia. Ervina is a big fan of Bieber, a syndrom often called as Bieber Fever.

Marygops Studios, the organizer of the concert, said the 3,000 pre-sale tickets sold in January were valid as well -- though they must be exchanged for newer tickets.

"Those tickets will be changed into tickets for strategically positioned stats by default," Shanne Harjani, the Marygops Studios managing editor, said.

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  1. Sayangnya aku tidak bisa bahasa inggris. Ra mudeng babar blas kang