Quaranic teachers in Blimbing held Jalan Sehat to mark Mawlid

Posted by David Khoirul
Jalan sehat TPA Blimbing oleh FokusOn Tuesday, February 15, Islamic Teachers Communication Forum (FOKUS) held Jalan Sehat, an activity literally meaning "Healthy Walk," for students of Quranic schools in Blimbing village, Paciran subdistrict. About 20 schools, including TPA Ribathul Muslimin and Al-Hasan, joined the activity.

FOKUS leader Fauzul Adhim said that the Jalan Sehat was done to mark the birthday of Prophet Muhammad, a commemoration which is also known as Mawlid. Mawlid occurs in Rabi'al-awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar. "We had actually invited 25 TPAs' (Quranic schools) for the Jalan Sehat, but only about 20 schools joined," said the 28-year-old Adhim as I talked to him after the fun walk, in SD Islam Sultan Agung.

Besides the fun walk, FOKUS also had some other activities like Arabic calligraphy and drawing contests -- I'm glad that my Quranic school TPA Ribathul Muslimin won the drawing contest.

FOKUS -- standing for Forum Komunikasi Ustadz/Ustadzah -- was co-founded by Fauzul Adhim, together with his fellow Islamic teachers Ganteng Irwansyah and Purnawan from Blimbing, in early 2010. FOKUS serves as the center and forum of Quranic school teachers in the village.

In Bahasa Indonesia, Mawlid is often referred to as Maulid Nabi and, sometimes, Maulud Nabi. Commemorations of this day are hundreds of years old, beginning about four centuries after the death of the prophet in 632AD.

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