Marching band and Mawlid in Dengok

Posted by David Khoirul

My friend Ahmad Jhony and I saw this marching band festival in the village of Dengok, Paciran subdistrict, East Java, yesterday. We had coffee at a kedai kopi and took some pictures. The festival, which includes seven bands from various villages, including Sedayu and Brondong, was to mark the Mawlid or the birthday of Prophet Muhammad.

In Dengok, it has been a tradition that Mawlid should be celebrated. People spend a lot of money for this kind of celebration, which takes place every 12 Rabi'ul Awwal in lunar calendar.

Besides Dengok, the neighboring village Blimbing also held a jalan sehat on February 15, exactly on the day of the Mawlid, where schools were holiday.

Photos by: David Khoirul dan Ahmad Jhony


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