The internet is back in Egypt

Posted by David Khoirul

After the shut down a couple of days ago, the internet is now back in Egypt. It's a good news.

Egyptian Internet providers returned to the Internet at 09:29:31 UTC (11:29am Cairo time). Websites such as the Egyptian Stock Exchange , Commercial International Bank of Egypt , MCDR, and the US Embassy in Cairo, are once again reachable.

All major Egyptian ISPs appear to have readvertised routes to their domestic customer networks in the global routing table, with the exception of Noor Group (AS20928). Recall that Noor was the exception (until Monday) to the Internet blackout, so they are as much an anomaly in restoration as they were in outage. ( Update: Noor group back online with a full complement of prefixes as of 12:52pm Cairo time. Better late than never.)

[via Renesys]


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