How to tag Facebook friends on your status using BBCodes via mobile browser

Posted by David Khoirul
how to tag facebook friends via cell phoneWhile on a PC You can easily tag your Facebook friends by simply typing @ in your status, then select a friend's name, you cannot do the same thing on your mobile phone. So here's a quick trick for you.

This trick requirers you to enter few geeky codes -- kind of BBCodes -- as you update your Facebook status via mobile browsers, like Opera Mini and UCWeb. The code goes like this:


xx should be the ID of your friend, and yy the refID. To find out the ID and refID of your friends, all you need to do is go to their Facebook profile page and see the URL.

Though the trick takes you longer to update status, it works well on my Opera Mini 4 Mod, and should also work on yours. Snaptu, an official application of Facebook, can also be used for this trick, and so can Facebook Touch and Facebook Zero.


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