Foreign movie distribution will be banned in Indonesia

Posted by David Khoirul
My friend Arul Chandrana, a fellow blogger and teacher in Paciran, watches Hollywood movies a lot; and with the new goverment regulation which results in the ban of foreign movie distribution in Indonesian cinemas, he is among those people who get disappointed. I remember the last movie Arul and I watched was The Fourth Kind, a 2009 American science-fiction thriller.

The disappointment also comes from prominent film figure Noorca M. Massardi, who calls on cencerned citizens to use social media to object to the goverment inport policy.

Noorca M. Massardi has appealed on the government to revoke a new import policy that has led to the halting of foreign-film distribution in Indonesia and could deal a crippling blow to the Indonesian cinema and film industries.

In a letter sent to, Noorca, who is the chairman of the Indonesian Cinemas Association and spokesman for 21 Cineplex, Indonesia’s largest movie theater chain with 500 screens, clarified that the decision was taken after the government refused to respond to the arguments presented against the import policy that went into effect in January 2011.

“It is an outrageous import tax on distribution rights that has never before existed in any film business practice in the world, ” he wrote in the letter.

Although I myself have no objection to this new regulation, I believe that, if the halt of foreign movie distribution really happens, it will kill Indonesian film industry.

[via The Jakarta Globe]


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