Egyptian employer fired an Indonesian teacher after watching protest in Jakarta

Posted by David Khoirul
An Indonesian teacher in Egypt was fired after her employer watched demonstrants protesting Hosni Mubarak in Jakarta. On Sunday afternoon, Tri's egyptian employer called her and said that he hated to see Indonesians. Tri Mulyati, who is a native of Sumatra, finally lost her job.

“I was fired and told to go home by my employer because the picture of President Mubarak was stomped on by protesters in Indonesia, ” Tri Mulyati told media.

She said her employer called her and asked her to watch the television footage of the anti- Mubarak rally. The rally took place at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle in Jakarta on Sunday.

"He said, 'look, Tri, Indonesian people stomped on our president. How could they do that? I hate to see Indonesians, '” Tri said. “My employers highly respect President Mubarak."

Image courtesy of Flicker, DonkeyHotey
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