Boyfriend spreads girlfriend's naked pictures in Brondong, Lamongan

Posted by David Khoirul
Naked pictures of a junior high school girl spread in Brondong, Lamongan. The pictures were circulated in the last few days among classmates via bluetooth by a boyfriend, identified as HF, 15, who is also a junior high school student.

Lamongan police explained that HF were hanging out at Linda's house with his girlfriend, FD, to do their homework. While HF were doing the homework in the living room, FD went to the bathroom to have a shower and suddenly passed out. Linda, the girl's best friend, were trying to help. But HF took pictures of his girlfriend from a mobile phone as she lay naked and unconscious.

Brondong is a small village in the regency of Lamongan, East Java. The village is in adjacent to Blimbing and Sedayu Lawas, and is known for its Van Der Wijck monument.

Being under arrest, HF is unable to join the 2011 Final Examination.

-- David Khoirul

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