A very rare cat was seen in Borneo

Posted by David Khoirul

Borneo Bay CatBorneo Bay Cat, a very rare cat thought to be extinct, was spotted in Malaysian Borneo. The cat has been sighted for the first time since 2003. The picture here, showing the cat in a cage, was captured in 2009, but not released until the study of the cat was completed in 2011.

With a long tail and reddish fur, and the size of a large domestic cat, Borneo Bay Cat was spotted in the Northen Highlands of Malaysia's Sarawak state.

The Jakarta Globe reports that the bay cat was captured in camera traps, giving a new hope for the future of this rare wild animal:

The camera trap was positioned next to the Pulong Tai national park in northern Sarawak, one of the two Malaysian states that make up part of Borneo. The vast island is shared with Indonesia and the small sultanate of Brunei.

The 2003 photographs were taken in the Lanjak Entimau wildlife sanctuary in southern Sarawak.


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