US court asks Twitter to release Wikileaks account info

Posted by David Khoirul
Julian Assange Wikileaks photoUS court has subpoenaed Twitter, a social networking giant, to release the account details of people connected to Wikileaks, including the founder, Julian Assange. It is done to help investigation.
Federal investigators want private messages, contact information, bank account numbers and other personal details about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the US soldier accused of supplying classified documents to the site, an Icelandic MP and two computer experts.

A judge in the US District Court in Virginia ordered Twitter to hand over the private information last month, according to court papers unsealed last week.

Twitter, however, declined to comment on the issue. Twitter said it was company policy to inform users if governments make such requests, which means that it should be under Assange's agreement.

Julian Assange, who was accused of sexual harassment, is currently under detention.


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