Quora lets you ask and answer questions but it doesn't work on mobile device

Posted by David Khoirul

How to ask and answer questions on QuoraI've many times tried to sign up for an account on Quora, a service that aggregates questions and answers, and always failed. Some Twitter friends told me that the site is interactive, with the integration of Twitter and Facebook, allowing you to sign up via and connect to the two social networks. The registration via mobile device is difficult though. The site loads very, very slowly on Opera Mini.

One interesting thing about Quora is that it lets you edit questions posted by other users for the reasons of clarity, conciseness, and grammar. Quora, Mashable wrote, also gives an impromptu grammar exam to all members who post a question for the first time.

Details from Mashable:

The quiz asks users to select the correct sentence out of a list of grammatically incorrect sentences. This is intended to keep post quality at a high level, however future use doesn ’t require a quiz, so the grammatically- challenged could continue to post if they can guess correctly the first time.

Another point of contention is the ability of users to edit others ’ questions. For example, I recently asked, “Where can I find the best Hawaiian food in New York ?” Another user edited my question to read, “Where is the best Hawaiian food in New York ?" In this instance, I don’t think my question was ambiguous enough to warrant an edit. Plus, if users can edit each other ’s questions, why the need for the grammar quiz in the first place?

Please let me know if anyone of you, readers, can succesfully register via Opera Mini or Bolt. The last time I went to Quora via Bolt browser, it said: Network failed.


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