Nurses in East Java must stop wearing jilbab

Posted by David Khoirul

I never agree with any goverment regulation that forces its people to leave certain traditions, especially in sensitive cases like religion. Religion is people's rights. Thus, immoral attacks against our Christian brothers at several churches in Bekasi, West Java, are intolerable.

In Sidoarjo, East Java, a hospital asks its nurses to stop wearing jilbab, a headscarf that covers most body parts of women except the face and hands. A Muslim nurse has been the victim.

A report from The Jakarta Globe:

A nurse in East Java is at risk of being fired for wearing a Muslim headscarf while on duty, in what her husband calls a clear case of religious discrimination.

Nurul Hanifah, who has been a nurse at the Delta Surya Hospital in Sidoarjo district for the past seven years, already received two warning letters about the scarf, or jilbab, according to her husband, Mohammad Fahmi.

Labor laws stipulate that an employee may be dismissed after receiving three warning letters.

The word Jilbab, in Indonesia, is used for a headscarf rather than a long baggy overgarment.

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