The Muadzin

Posted by David Khoirul

muadzin mushalla bani ya'qub gowah blimbing paciranKarmaji, a 58-year-old man, walked to nearby Islamic prayer house mushalla Bani Ya'qub in the village of Blimbing, Paciran, to call for a dzuhur prayer. Karmaji has been a muadzin -- a person who calls for prayers -- in Bani Ya'qub for a year. He performs adzan five times a day: at 4 in the morning, 12 in the afternoon, 3 in the afternoon, 6 in the evening and 7 at night.

With a cap and sarung, Karmaji did his adzan in a melodious voice despite his incapability in pronuncing the consonants "h" and "f." He usually says "Mukammad" when he actually means "Muhammad." He's worth appreciating though.


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