Is the crop circle in Sleman man-made?

Posted by David Khoirul

Aeronautic and Space Agency has confirmed that the Sleman crop circle, also known as babatan sawah in my own term, is man-made. According to Sri Kaloka Prabota Sari, head of the Center for Applied Sciences at the agency, some human footprints were found in the crop circles.

Sri Kaloka said, as quoted by The Jakarta Globe today:

"We found a 25-centimeter-deep and four-centimeter-wide hole in the center of the crop circle that we believe was made by a pole or a pipe."

Sri Kaloka could not explain as to who made the crop circles in the village of Jogotirto, but six students of Gadjah Mada University (UGM), via weblog, claimed that they had made the circles.

Previously, in 1987 -- not many people know -- a crop circle was found in a paddy field in the village of Sumberejo, Widang, Tuban, East Java. And apart from the footprints in Sleman, was there anyone capable enough in Tuban, I argue, to make the crop circle in such an old time, where technology was still very poor?


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