How to register on Quora via Opera Mini

Posted by David Khoirul

Trick to sign up on Quora via mobile browsersCreating a new account on Quora via mobile browsers is difficult. I did my first try last week from Opera Mini and, as you can guess, I failed. Opera Mini 4.2, a browser used by more than a half Indonesian internet users, doesn't help, either.

When I tried Bolt to access Quora, it doesn't even open the home page. So I came up with this idea: going to the site via Webxcope, a USA-based web scaler.

All you need to do is type in the address box in Webxcope page, and press "Use the above settings" button. Then enter your e-mail and password, and press sign up. Done.

Previously, before it was banned by Facebook, Webxcope had been my favorite web scaler to access the social network giant.

Happy quoraing, everyone! Hey, is "quoraing" really a word?

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  1. what a day, thank you thank you, by the way do u have trick for a ffffound account?

    hening malam