Google co-founder Larry Page takes over CEO Eric Schmidt

Posted by David Khoirul

Google Larry Page CEOLarry Page, the co-founder of Google Inc., will take over the company CEO Eric Schmidt. Page is more likely to suit the position because he is one of the persons who initiated to found the company; he's also much younger than Schmidt, who now turns 56.

Via BusinessWeek:

Google, owner of the world's most popular search engine, said yesterday that co- founder Larry Page will take over as chief executive officer as Eric Schmidt becomes executive chairman after a decade at the helm.

By elevating a founder, Google hearkens back to the entrepreneurial ethos that helped it create the most used and highly profitable tools for culling information from the Web. Page's task will be to accelerate a drive into new areas of growth as Web users spend more time on social sites like Facebook, and Apple Inc. poses a threat in mobile advertising.

Google is undoubtedly everyone's favorite website. It stores all kinds of information we need: from technology to news, from health info to cultures. The California-based company also provides users with valuable products such as Blogger, Google Adsense and Gmail.


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