Gayus Tambunan is sentenced to 7 years

Posted by David Khoirul

While Andai Aku Jadi Gayus Tambunan, a song by Bona Paputungan, hits the media, the real taxman is now sentenced to 7 years. Albertina, the judge, read the verdict today at 2 p.m.

Via The Jakarta Globe:

Gayus was found guilty of bribing a judge and law enforcers that led to his acquittal last March in his first, controversial trial in Tangerang, in which the prosecution dropped the money laundering and corruption charges and went on only with a minor embezzlement charge unrelated to his huge bank accounts.

Meanwhile Gayus' ex-lawyer Haposan Hutagalung also received 7-year sentence for bribing police officers:

He was also found guilty of paying then chief of detectives, Susno Duadji, Rp 500 million ($55, 500) to get preferential treatment for another client, a fish farm company based in Riau.

"The defendant is convincingly proven guilty of corruption," said presiding judge Tahsin.


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