Four fishermen from Sedayu Lawas missing

Posted by David Khoirul

Four Lamongan fishermen were missing after waves with 3-meter height attacked their Jonjon, a fishing boat, on Wednesday. The other two fishermen, however, were found alive. Firman and Sutikno were floating in the water when a passing Jonjon saved them on Friday morning.

Sutikno told that he could not remember how the waves swept away his friends: Edi Yanto, 40; Jihad, 20; and Heri, 17, who are all from the village of Sedayu Lawas, Brondong, Lamongan.

A group of local fishermen from Blimbing village, Sutikno said, saved him and Yanto after they had been floating for nearly nine hours. Sutikno often passed out whenever he was asked about the storm.

Ririn, the wife of the missing person Jihad, could not stop crying. The 19-year-old girl kept calling his husband's name, hoping that he could hear her cry and come back home.

Meanwhile, fishermen from neighbouring villages, such as Paciran, Dengok and Gowah, are afraid of going to sail for the rain and storm have not yet stopped since the last few weeks. Fisherman Zainuri and Aswandi from Blimbing were previously thought missing before finally they went home on Thursday.

-- David Khoirul
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