The first crop circle was found in Tuban, East Java

Posted by David Khoirul

Sleman crop circles are apparently not the first ones in Indonesia. In Tuban, East Java, the first crop circle was found between 1986 and 1987, in the village of Sumberejo, in the subdistrict of Widang.

Rony, a staff member of TV Delta Sidoarjo, recently made an interview with a villager of Sumberejo, asking whether there was really a crop circle in the village. The villager said that people used to go to a nearby hill to see the crop circle. "It was a big circle accompanied by five small ones on its edges," said the villager. Watch the interview here.

BETA-UFO community founder Nur Agustinus uploaded the interview video on video sharing website YouTube, approving of Rony's report.

No one can prove whether these amazing circles were formed by nature, made by humans, or created by UFO, despite the claim by some university students that they had made the ones in Sleman.

-- David Khoirul


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