Fb.com is acquired by Facebook for $8.5 million

Posted by David Khoirul

Fb acquisition by Facebook costs $8.5 millionThe first time I knew Friendster, a California-based social networking site, back in 2006, I started to hear friends say Fs to shorten the service; and when I got acquainted with Facebook in 2008, the term Fb was used to refer to the site. But what is Fb actually?

At first I thought Fb was just an acronym for Facebook. However if you type Fb.com in your Opera Mini, or in your Firefox address bar, you'll be redirected to Facebook.com

Facebook has apparently acquired Fb.com, previously owned by The American Farm Bureau Federation. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the acquisition on November 15. But he refused to mention the acquisition price though.

Today, Reuters is reporting that Facebook paid $8.5 million for the acquisition, moving the 6-million-member Farm Bureau over to Fb.org.

"At their annual meeting in Atlanta, Farm Bureau officials on Tuesday said the organization earned $8.5 million by selling a couple of domain names but is barred from identifying the buyer."


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