Facebook launches a new mobile app to improve user's experience

Posted by David Khoirul

Facebook new application with SnaptuFor more than two years, I've used Opera Mini to log into my Facebook account, and that's enough for me to enjoy updating or commenting on friends' status, writing inbox messages, uploading photos, and sharing links of my blog posts or favorite websites. Recent statistics says that almost a half of social networks users access sites like Twitter and Facebook from mobile devices. Mobile browsers such as Opera Mini, Bolt and UCWeb are mostly preferable.

With the increasing usage of mobile device, Facebook starts to improve its mobile interface by providing users with two mobile versions, i.e., standard mobile view and touch site. Today, the social network giant, whose film won the Golden Globe Awards, released a new mobile application to bring Facebook to the most popular mobile phones around the world. The application works on more than 2,500 devices. Built in close cooperation with Snaptu, the application provides a Facebook better experience and will work on phones like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG and other manufacturers. The features include an easy-to-navigate home screen, contact synchronization, and fast scrolling of photos and friends' updates.

The mobile application will also work the same as Facebook free site 0.facebook.com. So you don't need to pay for any data charges.

However, the free access to the application, supported by Facebook zero (0.facebook.com), is not available in Indonesia yet.

See the launch of the application at m.fb.snaptu.com/f

-- David Khoirul

Photo: Facebook blog


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