Earth-like planet was found outside solar system

Posted by David Khoirul

earth-like planet Kepler 10bWhile my friend Jhony always argues that there are Earth-like worlds out there in space, astronomers have finally found what Jhony is looking for -- a planet that is similar to Earth, other than Mars of course.

And although I cannot believe in the existance of aliens and no scientific proofs about them have been made, the discovery of the planet has been a one-step-forward progress in revealing the magic of the Universe.

The planet, called Kepler 10b, is thought to be the smallest planet outside our solar system, and rocky like Earth.

With a diameter 1.4 times of Earth and a mass 4.6 times higher, Kepler 10b orbits its host star very closely. It makes the planet unable to harbour life.

Nasa announced the discovery of Kepler, as posted by BBC:

The result was announced at the 217th annual meeting of the American Astronomical Society in Seattle, US, by Nasa's Kepler team.

The Kepler space telescope, designed to look for the signs of far- flung planets, first spotted the planet 560 light-years away, alongside hundreds of other candidate planets.


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