Infographic: Do we have too much obsession with Facebook?

Posted by David Khoirul

obsession with Facebook in paciranFacebook! Everyone has it. Tech site Mashable even describes Facebook profiles as belly buttons: Everybody's got one.

In my village, Paciran, three out of four teenagers are on Facebook, and one out of ten signs into Facebook on a daily basis, mostly from mobile devices and applications such as Opera Mini, UCweb and phone default browser. I have no idea why people love Facebook so much. My sister Diana, despite being in a boarding school, also signed up for Facebook.

Here I'd like to show you this infographic from SocialHype and, containing highlights about Facebook usage, 2010 trends, adoption numbers and many more.

To see the detail in full version, you can click here.

Do you think Facebook is a good medium to connect with friends? And why are people so obsessed with Facebook? Your comments!


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