Communications Minister will ban Blackberry in Indonesia

Posted by David Khoirul
Blackberry RIM banned by Tifatul SembiringI never put any interests in Blackberry -- a smartphone that becomes so popular in Indonesia over the last two years -- although it has an in-built instant messenger service, unlimited internet access and huge memory size. Those features are available here in my ugly Sony Ericsson K600i. Instant messenger? I've got MXit, a Java instant messenger application based in South Africa. Internet access? I already have GPRS, even free, from my TRI network.

That's why I didn't protest when Indonesian goverment planed to ban the product in the country.

Tifatul Sembiring, Minister of Communications, continued warning Research in Motion (RIM), the Blackberry manufacturer, that he would not hesitate to ban the popular smartphone should RIM fail to block its porn contents.

On his Twitter account @tifsembiring, Tifatul wrote:

Ban over services that are against the law is a must, although unpopular, in pursuit of better respect toward the country's regulations

Among the demands that the Minister proposed over RIM is: RIM must use more Indonesian contents regarding with softwares, and activate blocking against porn sites.


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