Blogger needs to fix bugs in its mobile templates

Posted by David Khoirul

Bugs in Blogger mobile templatesIn December last year, Blogger launched its first mobile templates. I was so excited about the templates although it was only available in Blogger Draft, another version of Blogger where new features are tested.

Now many people start to use this new feature. But like what I already wrote before, the mobile templates are unable to detect mobile devices, something that makes me a bit disappointed. It still shows the desktop view even if you open your blog from mobile browsers such as Opera Mini, UCweb or Bolt.

An Indonesian blogger, Ikhsan Hafiyudin from Jakarta, made a hack to redirect Blogger to its mobile version. The hack seems to work. But again, another problem comes: The redirection brings you to your blog homepage, rather than to the page or post you wanna go.

And recently, I found another weakness in the mobile template. Pictures coming from other sites, WordPress for example, will hide in the homepage of your blog but appear in a single post. To make images show in the homepage, in the form of thumbnails, you have to upload those pictures to the "New Post" page or -- if you use image URL -- grab images from Blogger-hosted blog.

Finally the mobile template doesn't allow you to leave comments. I hope Blogger will fix these bugs soon, make it more dynamic and allow users to customize mobile templates. Let's see.


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