Blogger mobile template cannot detect mobile browsers

Posted by David Khoirul
blogger blogspot mobile templatesDespite the launch of mobile templates, blog hosting Blogger is unable to detect browsers on mobile devices. The results? Blogger appears in its full version instead of the mobile version. This blog, for example, won't redirect you to its mobile template even if you open it using Opera Mini, which is a mobile internet browser.

Additionally, when being viewed in its mobile URL, my blog shows a page with triple posts -- two additional duplicate pages/posts pop up just under the main page. Does the HTML script of Blogspot desktop influence mobile templates?

Indonesian blogger Ikhsan Hafiyudin provides a good hack to redirect Google's Blogger to its mobile template by using JavaScript. This hack will help you, mobile bloggers, to access the small version, specifically the mobile template, of your blog. It detects devices and browsers such as Opera Mini, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Worth trying!


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