Andai Aku Jadi Gayus

Posted by David Khoirul

andai aku jadi gayus tambunan bone paputunganAndai Aku Jadi Gayus Tambunan received more than 50 thousand views on YouTube. Bona Paputungan, an ex-convict, composed the song to ridicule rogue taxman Gayus Tambunan, who previously went out to Bali, Singapore and Malaysia while he was supposed to be in jail.

The four-minute song was uploaded to video sharing website YouTube on Friday, making it one of the top viewed videos this week.

The lyrics are simple but it stabs right in the heart. Bona only uses a guitar to escort his Andai Aku Jadi Gayus (If I were Gayus). In the video clip, Bona Paputungan is shown wearing a wig and glasses, exactly the same things as Gayus wore when he went on a picnic in Bali last year.

At 5 this afternoon, in an interview with MetroTV, Bona told that he had been threatened because of the song. When being asked by MetroTV news anchor Zelda Safitri whether he was scared or not by the threat, Bona said, "No, I'm not scared!"

-- David Khoirul

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