Aida Saskia's half-naked pictures spread

Posted by David Khoirul
Foto Aida Saskia Mandi ZaskiaPictures of Dangdut singer Aida Saskia spread on the internet. At least four pictures, showing her in a bathroom in black bra and underwear, were circulated in social networks Facebook and Twitter, and in Indonesia's largest forum Kaskus.

The first picture shows Aida in pink dress; the second in black; and the third in water and wet.

In the last picture, Aida is seen in her full body with black bra and underwear, shot from her back.

All the pictures were taken from the scene of Pelukan Janda Hantu Gerandong or "Hugs of Demon's Widow," Aida's new movie, which also marks her debut in Indonesian film industry.

When asked about the pictures, the 25-year-old Aida said she never knew about that, but admitted that it was her. "Yes, those pics come from movie scenes. I have no idea how they spread," said Aida as quoted by Kompas on Wednesday.

Aida Saskia was previously in conflict with Indonesian preacher Zainudin MZ over sexual abuse.

In 2001, Aida released her dangdut song titled Ayam Jago, making it one of the best selling copies in dangdut music, though it didn't last long.


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