Winners of the 2010 Indonesian Film Festival

Posted by David Khoirul

I fell asleep at 10 last night as I watched The 2010 Indonesian Film Festival, an awards program dedicated to Indonesian movie industry. I probably saw only a quarter part of the show. So here's the list of Indonesian Film Festival winners -- the list provided by The Jakarta Globe -- which I, or perhaps you, have missed:

Best Picture: “ 3 Hati, 2 Dunia, 1 Cinta"

Best Director: Benni Setiawan (“3 Hati, 2 Dunia, 1 Cinta”)

Best Lead Actor: Reza Rahadian (“3 Hati, 2 Dunia, 1 Cinta”)

Best Lead Actress: Laura Basuki (“3 Hati, 2 Dunia, 1 Cinta”)

Best Supporting Actor: Rasyid Karim (“3 Hati, 2 Hati, 1 Dunia”)

Best Supporting Actress: Happy Salma (“7 Hati, 7 Cinta, 7 Wanita,” “7 Hearts, 7 Loves, 7 Women”)

Best Original Screenplay: Musfarnya Negeri Ini”)

Best Adapted Screenplay: Benni Setiawan (“3 Hati, 2 Dunia, 1 Cinta”)

Best Cinematography: Roby Herby (“I Know What You Did on Facebook”)

Best Editing: Aline Jusria (“Minggu Pagi di Victoria Park,” “Sunday Morning at Victoria Park”)

Best Set Design: Oscar Firdaus (“3 Hati, 2 Dunia, 1 Cinta”)

Best Musical Scoring: Ian Antono dan Thoersi Argeswara (“ Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini”)

Best Audio: Adityawan Susanto dan Novi Dwi R. Nugroho (“Alangkah Lucunya Negeri Ini”)

Best Documentary: “ Hari-Hari Terakhir Bung Karno” (“Bung Karno's Last Days”)

Best Short Film: “ Kelas 5000-an” (“Class of 5000's”)

Lifetime Achievement Award: Tuti Indra Malaon


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