Wikileaks moves to Swedish server

Posted by David Khoirul

Wikileaks uses Swedish serverA number of web companies have terminated Wikileaks, a controversial site that publishes secret documents of the goverments. Now the official page,, can't be accessed. However after Amazon Web Services and banned Wikileaks from its cloud and online payment service PayPal suspended its account, now Wikileaks moved to a Swedish server with the help of Swiss Pirate Party, a group that campaigns for free information freedom.

SFGate has the detail:

Supporters say Julian Assange, an Australian living in Britain, is considering seeking asylum in Switzerland. He told a Spanish newspaper that he faced "hundreds of death threats," including some targeting his lawyers and children, aside from the pressure he is getting from prosecutors in the U.S. and other countries.

After a number of web companies dropped WikiLeaks, much of the site's traffic was coming through the Web address Sunday. The address is controlled by the Swiss Pirate Party, a group that formed two years ago to campaign for freedom of information. The site's main server in France went offline but it remained reachable through a Swedish server.

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