Saudi lawyer: Sumiati tortured herself

Posted by David Khoirul

Madinah lawer said that Sumiati, an Indonesian maid who was tortured by her 50-year-old Saudi sponsor, made her own injuries to blackmail her wealthy employer, which means that Sumiati tortured herself. The lawyer also says that Sumiati is mentally ill. reports:

“The 53-year-old Saudi woman was recently widowed and inherited a large sum of wealth, which the maid knows about,” said lawyer Sultan bin Zahim, adding that the maid, Sumiati Salan Mustapa, is to be examined to determine her mental state.

Commenting on another case, in which an Indonesian maid was found tortured and dead in the Abha area, Zahim said news of similar cases start coming out when one incident comes to light. “It is human nature and the nature of the media,” he said.


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