Indonesian Facebook and Twitter users react over AFF Cup loss

Posted by David Khoirul
Despite the AFF Suzuki Cup loss on Wednesday, many Indonesians, especially those social network users, congratulate opponent team Malaysia and express gratitude to Timnas Merah Putih for their struggle.

With the loss of 4-2 on aggregate at the packed Gelora Bung Karno stadium, Indonesia came into the game facing a 3-0 deficit after the Kuala Lumpur leg.

VIna, an Indonesian friend of mine who currently lives in Hong Kong, for example, said, "I'm sad to hear our Timnas lose, but I'm proud that Indonesian football is so much better than the previous times."

Meanwhile Facebook and Twitter, two giant social networks, are inundated with comments from Indonesians. Some congratulate Malaysia. Others thank Timnas and its players, such as Gonzales and Bambang Pamungkas, for their hard work.

A Twitter user named @motuls addressed his message to the captain of the national team, Bambang Pamungkas.

"Congratulations to Timnas which has made us proud and united our country that has faded away for a long time."

My Facebook is also full of statuses from people either thanking or condemning Indonesia and Malaysia. Facebook user Peppy Ahmad wrote:

"Congratulations Malaysia, congratulations to Timnas that has fought until the last drop of blood.

Rony, on the other hand, sweared on his status: "Jancuk, Indonesia kalah (Shit, Indonesia lost)."


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