Indoleaks, Wikileaks Indonesia

Posted by David Khoirul
Wikileaks Indonesia Indoleaks.orgAfter the issues of the spread of US goverment's secret documents on Wikileaks, a site founded by former hacker Julian Assange, now many similar sites have been made in support for Assange who is now arrested. OpenLeaks is one of them. And we have one here in Indonesia called Wikileaks Indonesia. When I checked Google Warta this morning, I found that Wikileaks Indonesia was among the most searched keywords.

Wikileaks Indonesia, parked in domain, went online on December 7 and has received a lot of traffic. However, the site seems to be down.

Indoleaks claims to have hundreds of sensitive documents of Indonesian goverment. Unlike Wikileaks, Indoleaks selects only documents that are worth consuming, such as the report of US embassy on East Timor and Memorandum of Understanding.

To protect its sources, Indoleaks keeps its contributors anonymous.


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